The Assassins of Alamut

Anthony Campbell

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Review by by Jim Davis (10 August 2008)

I read the original pdf file a few years ago and found the text quite accurate and fair. As a pro-ismaili reseacher, I can highly recommend this book. There is a lot of sensational crap about the Assassins out there but this book is not one of them.

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The Assassins (also known as Nizaris) were a sect of the Ismailis in the Middle Ages. They had castles in the north of Iran at Alamut and elsewhere and also in Syria, where their chief was known to the Crusaders as the Old Man of the Mountains. They are the first group in history to have made systematic use of political murder (our word "assassin" is a corruption of one of their nicknames) and their founder Hasan-i-Sabbah has been compared to Osama bin Laden.

However, there is much more to their story than this. The Assassins had an extraordinary philosophical and mystical system and there are resemblances here to Sufism. The Aga Khan is a lineal descendant of the Nizaris of Iran. Their remarkable story is presented here.


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