Totality Beliefs and the Religious Imagination

Anthony Campbell

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There seems to be a widespread notion that belief is, in itself, a good thing, but in this book I argue that, for at least some people, freeing oneself from all belief systems brings a huge sense of relief. I illustrate this by describing my own experience of Roman Catholicism and Transcendental Meditation. I also look at the evidence for miraculous cures for cancer and at ideas about the soul, with particular reference to survival. And I have a discussion of how religions are transmitted, which I think depends on story-telling and language as much as on formal belief. This is a wide-ranging book with a lot of ideas.

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Here are some reviews:

Reviews by Taner Edis, Edward Tabash, and John Floyd.


1: The Casaubon Delusion
2: Roman Catholicism
3: Starting TM
4: Doubts and Difficulties
5: Moving On
6: Mysticism
7: The Religious Imagination
8: Buddhism
9: Miracles
10: The Soul
11: Letting Go
A: References for Chapter 9

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