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Announcement: Why I'm starting a new blog

I started this blog on Serendipity in March 2004, which was only a couple of years after Serendipity first became available. I was replacing an earlier blog on WordPress, which had destroyed my database. I've been pretty happy with Serendipity over the years, but now I've decided to start a new blog—once more, ironically, using WordPress. So why?

Although Serendipity is still available I get the impression, I hope wrongly, that development is slowing at present, particularly as regards themes and plugins. It has a small team of developers and I think a small user base as well. It receives little attention on the Net these days, probably because the way in which blogging works is now different from how it was fifteen years ago, as I found when I started to look into alternatives.

In fact, Serendipity seems to be just about the last man standing when it comes to self-hosted purely blogging platforms. WordPress was one of these in 2004 but now it has become something more ambitious, a Content Management System (CMS), which includes blogging as one of its components, though admittedly an important one. The same is true of other blogging platforms such as Joomla!.

I wasn't enthusiastic about going down the CMS route at first and was particularly suspicious of WordPress in view of my previous experience, but after about two weeks' experimentation with other possibilities I've come to the conclusion that WordPress is the best solution for me. So my new blog is now on line. If you can't beat 'em...

That doesn't mean my Serendipity blog will disappear. It's difficult or impossible to migrate material from Serendipity to WordPress so I shall keep my previous blog available here indefinitely (it gets a number of hits every day). You can still comment on these posts, but new posts will only appear on the new blog.


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