Why I’m starting this blog

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I’ve had a blog on Serendipity since 2004. At that time I chose Serendipity as my platform because I’d had a bad experience with WordPress (it lost my database) and I wanted something different. I was pretty happy with Serendipity for a long time. However I get the feeling (I hope wrongly) that development has slowed at present, particularly as regards themes and plugins. This made me think it was time to start looking for an alternative.

When I did this I found that things have changed a lot since 2004. In fact, Serendipity seems to be just about the last man standing when it comes to self-hosted blogging platforms, which is what WordPress was in 2004. It has now become something more ambitious, a Content Management System (CMS), which includes blogging as one of its components, though admittedly an important one.

I wasn’t keen on installing a CMS at first but after about two weeks’ experimenting with other possibilities I’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress is the best solution for me. So that’s why I’ve started this new blog.

That doesn’t mean my Serendipity blog will disappear. It’s difficult or impossible to migrate material from Serendipity to WordPress so I shall keep my previous blog available indefinitely (it gets a number of hits every day). You can comment on earlier posts there but new posts will only appear here.

For lots of other stuff, including almost 600 book reviews, please visit my sitemap/home page.


Why I’m starting this blog