“Dirty Old Town” from “Informer” on BBC1

I found the rendition of ‘Dirty Old Town’ on BBC1’s ‘Informer’ particularly attractive but I couldn’t see anything in the credits to show where they got it. I spent much of a day learning how to extract and edit the sound track from the programme (an interesting and probably useful exercise) but eventually I located what seems to be the source on Youtube, sung by Esther Ofarim. If you’ve looked for it yourself you can find it on Youtube.


There are other versions of the song by the same singer, Esther Ofarim, on Youtube but I preferred this one.

2 thoughts on ““Dirty Old Town” from “Informer” on BBC1”

  1. Thank you for finding this,we are currently catching up with this series and I thought just like you when I heard the song. I’ve heard many versions of it before, Ewan Maccoll himself of course,The Spinners and Roger Whittaker have been my favourites uptil now. I remember Esther and Abi from the 60’s but never associated them with this song before. I particularly remember when Cinderella Rockefeller was no.1 and I was in junior school and somehow got involved with dueting with the most beautiful girl in the class on it. Pity I was only about 7 at he time , it could have been the start of something wonderful !!!!

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