Firefox fonts too small in toolbars

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For a long time I’ve been using userChrome.css to adjust the size of the fonts in the toolbars in FF. Then for some reason it stopped working (FF 72.0.2 on OpenBSD).

After some digging on the internet I found a solution. You need to use about:config. Type this command in a new tab. Accept the warning and then click on “Show All” (this is new in this version of FF). Then search for devp. This has a line:


In my case the default value was -1.0. To get acceptable-size fonts I needed 1.8  (i.e. increasing from a negative to a positive value).

To change this, click the pencil symbol on the right and make the change. Then click the tick symbol to confirm

Note: doing this will change ALL the fonts in FF, so you will probably need to adjust your font size setting in Preferences.




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